Muslim students thank faculty

Members of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) held a Faculty Appreciation Night on April 7 that charmed their 40 guests of honour.Among them were Dean Nabil Esmail, Vice-Provost Danielle Morin and Dean David Graham.

The MSA’s Ramy Tarshoubi told the Journal, “Dr. Morin spoke with conviction about how professors are genuinely inspired by those they teach. She said that our feedback and gratitude are what make their profession significant to them.

“Dr. Esmail gave a remarkable speech about the harmony and richness of culture and ethnicity here at Concordia. He also spoke of our continuous success as an educational institution as a result of our acceptance of one another’s differences.

“Alumnus Arsel Shehabuddin talked about the importance of education in Islam, and David Franklin, who teaches international business law, expressed the thanks of all the guests to the students for their thoughtfulness.

“We often realize too late those who make a difference in our lives,” Tarshoubi said. “Our event was an attempt to give back merely a fraction of what our professors have given us.”