Ian Campbell: Art for technophobes

barbara black

Ian Campbell provided the Journal with this photo, which shows how he assembles found objects into lively works of art.

MFA (graduating) student Ian Campbell is a bright star in the Studio Arts program. His work, like the chaotic installation pictured at right, uses found objects in unconventional ways.

Campbell has been a serious artist for more than 10 years, one of his works was purchased by the City of Montreal.

He’s set on teaching, either at a university or through his own workshops. “I would like to continue working with students, trying to create innovative ways of teaching art and getting their ideas out there,” he said.

“I’m particularly interested in bringing people into a space where they can freely experiment with new technologies. I think my goal with art and my teaching philosophy come from the same place: to remove people’s fear of technology.”

For more examples of Campbell’s work, please go to www.iancampbell.org