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Onlookers wait for the Crusher to best the Moncton University contender in this year’s bridge building competition. The team walked away with third prize in what was the biggest competition to date.

Photo by sabrina ratté - IITS creative media services

Smashing results

Toothpicks, popsicle sticks, Lepage’s white glue and dental floss may sound like the makings of a kindergarten project. However, if that project is going to face the Crusher, you know you’re actually dealing with Concordia’s 22nd Annual Troitsky Bridge Building competition. “Every year we see new ways of using dental floss. It’s really quite amazing,” Mathieu Vincelli said. Vincelli is president of the Concordia chapter of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE), which hosts the event. Forty teams from Calgary, Vermont, Quebec, the Maritimes and Ontario participated. “It keeps growing every year, but I think we’ve finally reached the...



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Research tutorial just a click away

Two years ago, a provincial survey of undergraduates revealed that only a quarter of the respondents could identify criteria for evaluating web sites as sources. And fewer than a third knew how to find journal topics on their subject. Concordia’s Libraries’ Information Literacy Working Group developed Info Research 101, an interactive online tutorial to help students negotiate the steps of producing academic essays. Their tutorial has just been added to the Association of College & Research Libraries’ Peer-Reviewed Instructional Material Online (PRIMO) database, where it will be profiled as a feature site in the coming months. “It’s a way to...




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