Exhibit channels global frustrations

Photo by Marc Losier

Graduating Fine Arts Interdisciplinary student Ed Janzen and Fibres student Hélène Brousseau teamed up for Ghost Town, an exhibition nearly two years in the making. The third year students used the exhibition to channel responses to frustrations they both shared on global epidemics such as gun violence and pollution.

Janzen’s Warhol-esque screen print Ziploc–Semidisposable (on the left) portrays plastic containers as future relics of human civilization. Meanwhile, Brousseau used a 12-gauge rifle to fire bullet holes through the canvas of her painting Les Balles Perdues 1 et 2 (on the right). The holes are exactly as they seem, said Brousseau. “They’re mistakes that don’t belong here.”

Ghost Town took place inside downtown Montreal’s Belgo Building from May 1 to 6.