Ceremony rededicates Place Bethune

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As the crowd waited in the FOFA Gallery for the official launch of the year of Homage to Norman Bethune on Oct. 14, Pierrette Wong, Director General of the Chinese Community and Cultural Centre of Montreal (CCCCM), leaned over and said, “he’s been a hero of mine for a long... - Read more

Back in the stacks

Gerald Beasley Magnifying glass

Gerald Beasley

Anyone who thinks librarians are stern figures who act as strict gatekeepers for the knowledge placed in their care should get acquainted with the staff at Concordia's Webster and Vanier Libraries. "University libraries do still play a critical role in safeguarding the world's cultural heritage," acknowledged Gerald Beasley, who started as university librarian this past summer. "But the librarian’s role... - Read more


Sharing information one citation at a time

Any student who’s ever Googled the title of an academic journal article, only to be confronted with a two-line teaser interrupted by a demand for a credit card number, knows how frustrating — and expensive — scholarly research can get.... - Read more

Provincial representative leaves National Assembly for Concordia

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Russell Copeman has stepped down as a Liberal MNA to assume duties as associate Vice-President, Government Relations here effective Oct. 27. He will be joining the team under the direction of Vice-President, External Relations and Secretary-General, Bram Freedman. In... - Read more


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