Towering above the atrium 

Magnifying glass

As part of the Bell Science and Technology Fair March 21 to 23, a 30-ft. representation of Chicago’s Sears Tower was constructed in the Harriet and Abe Gold Atrium of the EV Building. The tower used roughly 50 000 pieces of K’Nex.

Last year, James Goggans and team built a 40-ft. model of the Eiffel Tower as the centrepiece of Engineering Week (see Journal, March 5, 2009). This year, Goggans, serving again as project manager, arranged for the structure to become part of the fair. He, Kurt Cabral (BEng 08), and ECE undergrad James Dennick (above, in crane) enlisted the help of the visiting high school and CEGEP students to help them build the structure.

“I decided the easiest thing was the Sears Tower since it would be easy to explain, easy to build and still look cool,” says Goggans, who will earn his BCEE baccalaureate this spring. “I also knew that since it was a fairly basic shape, there would be no fear of it collapsing.” Also in photo: Lauren Bould.


Concordia University