Study group on university governance

President Claude Lajeunesse will take part in a study of the governance of Quebec universities conducted by the Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations.

The mandate of the study is to assess current practices and challenges for the proper governance of universities in Quebec and elsewhere; assess principles and practices put in place to improve the quality of university governance in Quebec and around the world; and make specific recommendations that are likely to enhance the quality of university governance in Quebec.

Lajeunesse is one of nine people invited to participate. Jean-Marie Toulouse, a professor at HEC Montréal and former director of the school, will chair the study group, and the Institute expects to receive the group’s recommendations by June 30, 2007.

The Institute was launched by Lajeunesse and Toulouse, then director of the HEC Montréal, in September 2005 on the initiative and with the support of financial analyst Stephen Jarislowsky and former president Frederick Lowy. The executive director and chair of the board of directors is Yvan Allaire, of HEC, and the assistant director is Concordia Finance professor Lorne Switzer.