Arts and Science Dean's Awards

Karen Herland

Arts and Science Dean David Graham made good on his promise to recognize excellence in his faculty and staff at an awards ceremony held on Oct. 17.

Barely two weeks after the faculty’s best and brightest students were fêted, Graham presided over the ceremony, which recognized the outstanding contributions of eight faculty members and three staff.

The staff awards were determined by the same committee that granted the faculty awards, headed by Vice-Dean Curriculum and Appraisals Joanne Locke. The inaugural awards went to Linda Dubeau, Department Admini-strator, Sociology and Anthropology, Lillian Jackson, Assistant to the Principal, Science College, and Jeannie Krumel, Department Administrator, Political Science.

“All of the people we selected are absolutely essential to their departments,” Locke said. She added that they are able to solve any problem, or find out who could. “They are the people who staff in other departments go to if they have questions.”

Locke commented on the three recipients’ direct, daily contact with students making them ideally placed to support them. “They are also mentors to new faculty who come in without knowing how to get things done.”

In addition to the staff awards, Mary Vipond (History) earned an award for Outstanding Academic Service. Vipond started in the Loyola College History program in 1970 and helped to manage the curriculum changes necessary during the merger with Sir George. She has worked on various departmental committees, and served twice as Acting Chair. She has also represented the department on external committees.

Ronald Rudin (History) and John Harnad (Mathematics and Statistics) were given awards for Distinguished Scholarship. This honour recognizes the extensive publications of both professors — Rudin even produced a documentary video to reach a broader audience. The two professors have also presented at dozens of conferences, raising Concordia’s profile at the international level.

As new scholars, Lorenzo DiTommaso (Theological Studies) and Deborah Folaron (Études françaises) are tenure-track professors well on the way to similar careers in their respective fields.

In addition, Svetla Kamenova (Études françaises), Sara Weinberg (Education) and Shannon McSheffrey (History) all earned recognition for their exceptional teaching, as mentioned in The Journal on Sept. 28.