Frank Chalk (History) has been interviewed about the conflict in the Darfur region of Sudan and Canada's role in finding a solution. He told CTV’s Canada AM he approved of Canada’s expulsion of a Sudanese diplomat, and he was a guest on the local CBC’s Radio Noon phone-in. Chalk is director of the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies.

Graduate student Tamanna Howlader (Mathematics and Statistics) presented a paper based on her MSc thesis at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Salt Lake City on Aug. 3. Written with Yogendra P. Chaubey (Concordia) and Michal Abrahmowicz (McGill), it was titled “Using Surrogate Outcomes for Improving Power to Detect Gene-Environment Interactions.”

Congratulations to Emmanuelle Loslier, an animation student in the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema. Her short, Tic Tac, won the prize for best production in the animation category of the student competition at the Montreal International Film Festival.

Gad Saad (Marketing) published a commentary in the European Journal of Personality on a target article titled “The Evolutionary Genetics of Personality.” He was the only commentator from a business school. He also published an article in Medical Hypotheses in which he explored the relationship between a country's per capita gross national income and its male-to-female suicide ratio.  

Calvin Kalman (Physics) presented a paper on epistemology in teaching and research at the Spirit of Inquiry conference held here in May; at Hebrew University, Jerusalem; and at the IHPST (International History, Philosophy and Science Teaching Group) that met in Calgary in June. He spoke at the 2007 STLHE (Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education) conference at the University of Alberta, and the Canadian Association of Physicists conference at the University of Saskatchewan.

Sarah Stanley (Theatre) has been nominated for the 2007 Siminovitch Prize in Theatre, to be awarded in late October. The $100,000 prize goes to a Canadian director who advances Canadian theatre through a body of work achieved in recent years, while influencing and inspiring younger theatre artists. She is one of three actors in That Woman, which ends its run Sept. 27 at the Bain St. Michel and is directed by Emma Tibaldo, a Concordia alumna and new head of the Playwrights Workshop.

Catherine Mackenzie Magnifying glass

Catherine Mackenzie

The Ben Uri Gallery of the London Jewish Museum of Art is currently showing Auktion 392: Reclaiming the Galerie Stern, Düsseldorf, created by art history professor Catherine MacKenzie and her students about the lost artworks of the late Max Stern. For more on this remarkable project, please see the story in the Journal.

Karin Doerr (CMLL, Simone de Beauvoir Institute) took part in the 14th International Triennial Commonwealth Literature Conference, held at the University of British Columbia in August. She was also cited in The Voice, a Vancouver newspaper.

Elaine Arsenault (Counselling and Development) has another career as a writer for children. She wrote four episodes of a television series published by Sinking Ship Entertainment called Roll Play that won an Alliance for Children and Television award and has been nominated for a Gemini in the category of best series for preschoolers.


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