Big projects built from tiny works 

MFA students worked together to organize an auction of their work in November. The packed event was intended to raise the funds necessary to cover numerous expenses, including gallery rental, to display their final projects next spring.

Some 40 students, along with professors like François Morelli donated work to tempt would-be purchasers. “The event went really well and the gallery was packed with people,” said Daichi Saito, one of the organizers along with Malena Sziam and Niki Mulder.

Magnifying glass

In addition to photos, prints, canvases, and at least one quilt, students also contributed mini-works which could be claimed for $20 apiece. At left is work by Héloïse Audy, Fibres, who painstakingly stitched individual words into a swirl of personal meaning.

The auction was held in a room behind the VAV Gallery in the VA Building. master’s students had studio and gallery space in the Bourget Building until recently, when the construction of the EV Building allowed many programs formerly in the VA Building to move in, freeing up VA Building space for the MFA students.


Concordia University