EV Building site of art invasion

With end of term upon us, students in the Fine Arts program are scrambling to display their work in ways that set off their efforts to best advantage.

Juan Ortiz-Apuy’s piece is intended to draw attention to the social construction of identity.

Magnifying glass

The sculpture student’s work hangs in the stairwell of the Abe and Harriet Gold Atrium. The sphere is encircled by all letters of the alphabet, and the digits 0-9. The seemingly random pattern can be read as “machine” from the corridor and “world” from Guy St. The piece itself, looks like a wrecking ball, “an art object designed to be contemplated and reflected on, while at the same time, it can destroy the building that it’s in.“

Join the ever-increasing number of people posting their work on and we’ll see you here next term.


Concordia University