Magnifying glass

Students were invited to participate in an art intervention on Sept. 20 as part of the FOFA gallery's back-to-school activities. Restorientation 101 was a workshop organised by Natasha Reid, A PhD student in Art Education who worked at the gallery over the summer. The event began with an artist’s talk by Jane Tingley, whose work Plant (iPod) Project is currently on display at the gallery.

Workshop participants were then invited to "Restore. Reorient. Restructure." Reid and Tingley showed the work of artists like Laura St. Pierre, and then outlined a challenge incorporating similar themes. Eight first-year students then took the challenge to use furnished materials and "improve, alter or interact" with a part of the campus. The afternoon workshop finished with a collective display and critique of the works. Below is one of the interventions produced, photographed by Reid.


Concordia University