Call for nominations 

The Nominating Committee of the Board of Governors invites nominations for representatives of the external community to serve as members of the Board. Every nomination must include a curriculum vitae and a succinct statement explaining, from the perspective of the nominator, how the candidate could contribute to the university. The Nominating Committee is charged with recommending members from the external community to the Board of Governors.

The composition of the Board provides for 23 of the Board’s 40 members to be representative of society outside the university. Appointments are for renewable three–year terms. There is no honorarium for service as a Board member. It is the aim of the Nominating Committee to maintain full membership of a responsible and effective Board of Governors, which is responsive to the changing needs of students, the university, and the immediate community. Our Governors must be (1) genuinely interested in education and the well–being of students and (2) energetic and actively committed to Concordia University. Governors are usually expected to serve on at least one of the standing committees of the Board and may, from time to time, be involved in special projects.

In evaluating nominations, the Nominating Committee will take into account the candidate’s connection with Concordia, the candidate’s activities in the local community, and the complementarity of the candidate’s attributes to those of other Board members. All nominations will be acknowledged and retained for consideration by the Nominating Committee in this and subsequent years.

To be considered for vacancies in the coming academic year, your nomination must be received no later than May 21, 2008. Please forward nominations, in confidence, to Danielle Tessier, Director, Board and Senate Administration, Room S–GM-801-23, Concordia University. As there can be no assurance that a nominee will be offered a seat on the Board, please be discreet.


Concordia University