Student filmmakers shine 

Magnifying glass

At left, a still from For Wendy, a film by third-year production student Jacqueline Mills. At a ceremony on May 1 for students in the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, she won the Technicolor Award.

The premiere prize of the evening, the Mel Hoppenheim Award for Outstanding Overall Achievement in Film Production, was won by Andreas Mendritzki for his work on several films.

There were 82 presentations in all, thanks to the fundraising activism of Mel Hoppenheim and Michel Trudel. The two movie executives were warmly thanked at the ceremony, as were the Fondation DeSève, the Fondation René Malo and the School’s advisory board, among others, whose generosity has been key to launching the careers of graduates.

You can see the dynamic work of the latest crop of Concordia filmmakers at the annual year-end student film festival in progress at the Cinémathèque québècoise. The festival culminates in the Best of the Fest on May 8 at 7 p.m. at the Cinema du Parc, 3575 Parc Ave.


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