Strategic plan call for action 

By Karen Herland

There is still an opportunity to have your vision of Concordia's future integrated into the draft strategic plan.

With a new draft of the plan available on the website (, comments are still encouraged from all corners of the community.

Management Professor Linda Dyer addresses the Loyola open consultations last November. Magnifying glass

Management Professor Linda Dyer addresses the Loyola open consultations last November.

Reaction to the newest draft of the plan underscores the human element of the university community and stresses the need to acknowledge the ongoing contribution of librarians, staff and faculty, among others, to the university’s mission.

While all comments are appreciated, community members are invited to suggest concrete actions with measurable targets to include in the action plan that will drive the draft strategic plan forward. The draft's goal is to make Concordia one of the top five comprehensive universities in the country.

As the fifth phase of the planning process winds down, the three presidential panels, announced in the last issue of the Journal, are sifting through dozens of pages of notes, comments, and reports that have been produced since the process began two years ago.

Each panel, including representatives from students, faculty and staff, invited by President Judith Woodsworth based on their commitment to the process thus far, are continuing to solicit input on the areas deemed most important to the university going forward:
• Student Experience
• Employee Engagement
• Community Engagement

The panel members can be reached through the web site.

This is the last phase for community-driven input in the direction of the draft plan, which is currently before SCAPP and Faculty Councils on its way to Senate, and which will be presented to the Board of Governors early this summer.

Once approved, the community will be encouraged to help make it a reality.


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