Political upheaval

CJ Media Gallery exhibition sheds sombre light on Haiti prior to earthquake

Darren Ell Magnifying glass

Darren Ell

Since early December, the plans to display the work of photographer Darren Ell (MFA 08) surrounding the precarious political situation in Haiti had been in motion. The day the pictures were hung on the walls of the CJ Building’s Media Gallery was Jan. 13 – one day after the... - Read more

Ethics of creation

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The ethical considerations involved when researchers depend on the participation of other people in their projects are many. Ensuring that the research results are obtained without coercion, with informed consent and with a clear understanding of risk for all involved is paramount. How those concepts are applied to research-creation, where participation may include audiences, or researchers might rely on... - Read more


Haiti: The (Re)Making of Haiti

Professor warns of the danger of allowing history to repeat itself

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Over the last two weeks, the global community has been galvanized into action after witnessing the scope of the devastation caused by Haiti’s Jan. 12 earthquake. All of us recognize the seemingly insurmountable difficulties involved in rebuilding a country... - Read more

Maps tell us more than we think, says geography prof

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‘It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.’ Geography, planning and environment professor Sébastien Caquard might understand this proverb better than most. His current research examines how new forms of maps and geovisualization can help us better understand social and... - Read more

Film festival at Congress to bring Montreal to the screen

De Sève Cinema. Magnifying glass

De Sève Cinema.

There will be a whole new side to the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences this year. Congress organizers, faculty and staff from across the university are planning a series of exciting events, shows and exhibitions called Branché: The... - Read more


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