Recent Appointments 

Graham Carr, Dean of Graduate Studies, is pleased to announce the appointments of Cameron Skinner and Paula Wood-Adams as Associate Deans in the School of Graduate Studies.

Cameron Skinner becomes Associate Dean in the newly created portfolio of Student Affairs, Postdoctoral Studies and Awards. Skinner is a bioanalytical chemist and was Graduate Program Director for his department. He served recently as a member of the Council of the School of Graduate Studies.

Paula Wood-Adams is Associate Dean in the newly created portfolio of Academic Programs, Recruitment and Communications. An Associate Professor and Concordia University Research Chair in the Physics of Advanced Materials, Wood-Adams has significant experience in graduate administration, having served enthusiastically on the Council of the School of Graduate Studies, the Faculty Tribunal Pool, and as Director of one of Concordia’s largest graduate programs, the PhD in her home Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.


The Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science is pleased to announce the appointment of Deborah Dysart-Gale as Chair of the General Studies Unit. Dysart-Gale joined Concordia in 2006 as Assistant Professor in the General Studies Unit. She plans to introduce a more appropriate name for the unit, as well as involving it in departmental activities such a capstone and accreditation.

Dysart-Gale is up for the challenge, pointing out that this Faculty has been interested in the social dimensions of engineering since 1968, back before the first Earth Day. “I believe that shows that Concordia was engaged in environmental and social stewardship before many in the general public even realized the seriousness of these issues,” she explains. “As these problems have become more acute in recent years, so has ENCS’s commitment to educating technically excellent engineers and computer scientists whose work produces excellent social outcomes.”


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