Remedios’ Terrarium

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Ecology means more than the natural environment to the Topological Media Lab, creators of the current show in the FOFA Gallery. Working with students in the University of Manitoba’s School of Architecture, they have created an extraordinary world of light, sound, water, plant life and digital data that changes... - Read more

Generations Pact

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David Suzuki

Last year, when a handful of Concordia students invited their peers to commit one penny per credit to making the university a more sustainable environment, they hoped they would not only succeed, but that they would convince other university campuses to join them. In addition to raising funds on campus, the Generations Pact project seeks matching funding from the provincial... - Read more


Strategic planners seek university-wide input

The university community will be consulted on a set of strategic positions that reflect a determination to attract the brightest students and professors, forge closer links with the community at large, become an outstanding employer and make Concordia a leader... - Read more

Sniffing out behaviour in caterpillars

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Melanie McClure

You see a group of caterpillars traipsing around in circles; how do you know which one is leading? Melanie McClure can tell you. Her PhD work in Emma Despland’s biology lab has her studying the behaviour of the forest tent... - Read more

Iranian studies launched with a minor

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Concordia is developing a program in Iranian studies, starting with an undergraduate minor that is listed in the 2008-09 undergraduate calendar. Its organizers intend that this initiative, which is unique in Canada, will grow into a full-fledged major program. Professors... - Read more


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