Media merge in one big MFA show 

Magnifying glass

In one corner of the gallery, two lifelike mannequins of young women huddle on the floor, reminding the viewer of refugees.

A mysterious wooden box in the centre of the gallery turns out to contain the inner workings of a piano; when itís given a hard shove, the lowest strings resonate with a thrilling hum.

More than 60 students in the Master of Fine Arts program are presenting the biggest edition ever of their annual year-end exhibition. Called Strata, it includes the work of artists, photographers, sculptors ó in fact, many of the artists work in original blends of media.

Danielle Davies created an installation out of a white mattress and synthetic hair. The mattress is suspended from the ceiling. She used the hair to embroider a legend on the top of the mattress, and the hair trails below. This isnít the first piece she has made that involves hair, she said, because it fascinates her.

The student organizers say the gallery, Espace Artefacto, in an old factory building in St. Henri, reflects the spirit of the exhibition and the artists involved.

Strata is on at Espace Artefacto, 3520 St. Jacques St., near the Lionel Groulx metro station, until this Sunday, April 20. A catalogue will be launched on Saturday night.


Concordia University