CSU celebrates 30th anniversary with reunion 

Members of the Concordia Student Union past and present gather in the EV atrium on Jan. 6. Magnifying glass

Members of the Concordia Student Union past and present gather in the EV atrium on Jan. 6.

On Feb. 6, more than 100 past and present members of the Concordia Student Union, along with current members of university administration, gathered in the lobby of the EV Building to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Originally called the Concordia University Student Association, or CUSA, the student government was established in 1979-80. It was renamed the CSU in 1994.

Speakers to address crowd included co-president from the government’s inaugural year Hagop Der Khachadurian, 1997-98 president Rebecca Aldworth, and François Longpré, who served as counsellor in 1981-82, VP finance in 1982-83 and co-president in 1983-84.

The event had been in preparation since August and was originally planned for November. When organizers sent the invitation to more than 300 past CSU and CUSA members, the move to the February date was needed to accommodate additional planning.

Kristen Gregor, VP student life, said the event was a successful endeavour. “It was a unique experience to see where we started, what our goals were back then, how far we’ve come, how things have changed, and most importantly, where we can go from here.”

In the spirit of forward momentum, organizers made sure to gather up-to-date contact and bio information from all attendees for easier reference of future governments. They also plan to set up an online database or blog where executives past and present can share questions and information.

“Because the CSU switches members every year, we lose that institutional memory,” she said. “We’re hoping this database can serve to make connections for years to come.”


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