Work begins on new building

Magnifying glass

Biology professor Vincent Martin; Arts and Science Associate-Dean Graham Carr; biology professor Adrian Tsang; acting director of the Office of Research, Carole Brabant; President Judith Woodsworth; Director Facilities planning and development, Martine Lehoux; Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies Louise Dandurand; Vice-President Services Michael Di Grappa; Arts and Science Associate... - Read more

5 days and 5 nights

Students camp out with celebrity guests

Sleeping outside the GM Building. Magnifying glass

Sleeping outside the GM Building.

The dedicated bunch hit the pavement prepared for cold, wet concrete. Nobody warned them about the snoring. Justin Trudeau, member of parliament for the Papineau riding, spent Sunday night on the sidewalk outside the GM Building with more than a dozen other participants in the 5 Days for the Homeless. No earplugs were provided.


The performance of everyday life

Chris Salter’s installation. Magnifying glass

Chris Salter’s installation.

With the publication of his book Entangled: Technology and the Transformation of Performance, Chris Salter is finally able to present an idea that has been germinating a long time. The beautiful volume, launched in a discussion at the Centre... - Read more

The new face of typography

Recently-arrived prof Nathalie Dumont is creating a new font

Nathalie Dumont Magnifying glass

Nathalie Dumont

Many typeface designers find inspiration in artifacts around them – a few letters on a building or an old sign. Others remake existing fonts, in the same way that filmmakers re-create classics. Nathalie Dumont, who joined Concordia as assistant... - Read more


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