Winning spirit 

The John Molson Competition Committee celebrates another excellent year

Concordia’s gold-medal Debate Team from the 2010 Jeux du Commerce (from left to right): Chris Daigle, Joe Little, Aude Olivia-Dufour, Mike Lombardi, and Johnnie Vu. Magnifying glass

Concordia’s gold-medal Debate Team from the 2010 Jeux du Commerce (from left to right): Chris Daigle, Joe Little, Aude Olivia-Dufour, Mike Lombardi, and Johnnie Vu.

At Molson Hall, where both the Canadiens’ Stanley Cup banner above the staircase and the family tree on the wall inspire thoughts of dynasty, the John Molson Competition Committee gathered to celebrate the successes of its 2009-10 season.

On May 7, it held its annual end-of-year banquet to fęte JMSB’s team and to recognize all the students, coaches, volunteers and administrators who made those successes possible.

This year, JMCC’s 45 academic team members, 30 coaches and other support staff entered 16 regional, national and international competitions, fielding teams in 51 individual events and reaching the podium 31 times. Corporate sponsors and alumni supporters also contributed to the outstanding results.

Addressing the gathering, JMSB Dean Sanjay Sharma emphasized the link between the value the school puts on case competitions and the pride it takes in teaching not only theory but its practical application in the present and with a view to the future.

“Our graduates hit the ground running,” he said.

He also wanted to acknowledge all the individuals who made this a remarkable year.

“You put JMSB on the map. Fantastic,” said Sharma with audible pride. “When I speak to people from the U.S. and elsewhere, they know us. You are the team to beat, the John Molson School of Business, so congratulations.”

Sanjay offered special thanks to two individuals: Thomas Horvath, former president of the JMCC, who this year co-coached the Finance team to gold at the Jeux du Commerce, as well as coaching the JMCC soccer team; and marketing instructor and JMCC head coach Mark Haber.

Haber, who this year coached his 14th Jeux du Commerce, took the microphone to sing the praises of all involved. After a look back at a year filled with highlights, Haber emphasized the JMCC’s passion, dedication and team spirit.

“I’m proud we don’t train people to win competitions,” he said. “We train people to be businesspeople, and in doing so, we seem to win a lot of competitions. Every year we add value.”

Outgoing JMCC president James Feith said the highlights for him were the perseverance of the new, younger delegation and how the group came together like a family.

“Everywhere we went this year, we’d win Best Spirit,” said Feith with admiration. “Other schools like to be with us.”

Incoming JMCC president Stephanie Laurin echoed the sense of family.

“There are coaches who prepare us for anything and everything we might face,” she said, “faculty who support our commitment to representing JMSB all over the world and finally dedicated, hard working individuals who thrive upon all challenges thrown their way.”

The evening ended with the presentation of a dozen different awards to team members, coaches and volunteers.

And in a gesture symbolic of family, history and competitive spirit, those gathered at the banquet signed the back of a JMSB soccer jersey bearing the number 10 for the current year.


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