Congress Input 

A few impressions of Congress at Concordia

“People are really thinking about what they’re seeing and connecting intellectually. When people come and talk to us, they’re referring us to things that relate to what we’re doing that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about.”

- Recent Computation Arts and Computer Science graduate Henk Boom, part of GAIA exhibition in the Think Box.

“Concordia always feels like home. I think it looks great now and I love the walkability of it. As a young scholar and a first time delegate, it’s nice to be comfortable.”

- Recent Communications Studies masters graduate Christopher Ali, now a PhD at the University of Pennsylvania and member of the Canadian Communications Association.

“Since everything was so close, it was easy to slip into sessions that colleagues have told me about.”

- Nicola Mooney, Anthropology Instructor at the University of the Frasier Valley in Abbotsford, B.C.

“I’ve been really impressed by the student workers.”

- Program organizer for the Society for Social Studies Chad Thompson, Sociology Professor at the University College of the North in Thompson, Man.

“The amount of mobilization, cooperation and enthusiasm across so many different levels of this university, it blew my mind. It was obvious a lot of people cared about this Congress. When you come here and see the innovation and cooperation and the pride that we have here… I say ‘we’ because I feel like a part of Concordia now.”

- Congress Assistant and McGill student Jordan Jenkins, who performed similar Congress roles at UBC in 2008 and Carleton in 2009.


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