Operational review of key university sectors 

Over the last few months, and driven by budget exigencies, an extensive review of non-academic functions that cut across the university was carried out. Recommendations, in the form of an Operational Efficiency Review Report, were submitted to and discussed at the Executive Group (the President, Vice-Presidents and Communications Advisor). Following up on these discussions, a detailed and intensive review of the operations of key sectors of the university is being undertaken.

Several areas were identified for further review, including information technology (IT), communications and advertising, and web communications and development.  Other sectors yet to be named will also be given further review.

A vice-president will constitute and sponsor each project team charged with these reviews. Patrick Kelley, Executive Director, Strategic Plans, will oversee the entire project. The terms of reference are being sent to the academic deans and managers involved.

Each project team will look at, for example, how resources can be more effectively deployed, what direction operations should take, how costs can be controlled, and how the skills of employees can be optimized.

All recommendations will be reviewed and confirmed by the Executive Group before implementation. The project is expected to complete in March 2008.


Concordia University