The theme of ConcordiaPix this time was campus architecture. Building on that theme, we invited ENCS Professor Peter Grogono to be our guest judge. He selected this image from our website at

Magnifying glass

In making his selection, he said:

“This picture is enigmatic: it takes a moment to figure out what we are actually seeing. The composition is simple and classical, with the four lights symmetrically placed at the "one-third" line that all photography tutorials emphasize. The dark underside of the skewed roof lends drama to the picture. The tapering perspective of the windows below leads to the lights while adding to the ambiguity: do the windows show us the inside or do they reflect the outside? The two structures above the roof are both curiously dissimilar and difficult to relate to more familiar views of EV. Perhaps they symbolize the two very different faculties that it houses: Engineering and Fine Arts.”

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