V-P Human Resources 

At its Oct. 18 meeting, the Board of Governors approved a proposal to create a Vice-President Human Resources position to provide a service-oriented approach to employees, who are a key asset of the institution.

The creation of this position continues a process begun nearly two years ago when the Department of Human Resources was transferred to the university’s service sector. Since that time the department has undergone an organizational and personnel transformation.

The development of a V-P position will ensure that the department’s 40 employees have the support and direction required to see that operations are aligned with the university’s mission and overall objectives.

The V-P Human Resources will guarantee that employee needs are met. The overview presented to the Board says, “the hiring, training, compensation, retention and organizational development of these individuals are key to the university’s current and future success.”

Besides acting as an advisor to senior administration on human resource management, the V-P Human Resources will improve the services offered by the department and conduct an audit on compensation, benefits and training.

A search to fill the position will begin according to university guidelines for non-academic senior administrators.


Concordia University