Time to tighten our belts

The university can only avoid a significant structural deficit if a combination of targeted cost saving measures and across-the-board economies are made, according to a financial report presented to Senate last week. “We are spending more than we earn,” CFO Larry English said bluntly. English expects a deficit for the... - Read more


Spring 2008 Convocation largest ceremony to date

Convocation continues to grow in size. This spring there will be seven separate ceremonies at Place des Arts, a record. Altogether, 4,402 students are eligible to attend. Here’s the breakdown by faculty: In Arts & Science, there are 2,163 (1,884... - Read more

Policies affect people

Amy Poteete Magnifying glass

Amy Poteete

Amy Poteete is a political scientist, but her research on policy in developmental countries has strong links to geography. Since her doctoral dissertation in the mid-1990s, she has been studying environmental policy in the landlocked southern African country of... - Read more

Leisure research is serious work

Shannon Hebblethwaite Magnifying glass

Shannon Hebblethwaite

Earlier this month, the Loyola campus was the site of the 12th Canadian Congress on Leisure Research. If you’re surprised that Leisure Sciences has produced a dozen conferences, consider that they only happen every three years and we’re about... - Read more


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