Celebrating 8 348 years of service 

Luncheon honours staff, faculty and retirees

By Anna Sarkissian

Associate Vice-President Human Resources Carolina Willsher congratulates the long service award recipients and retirees gathered at Le Nouvel Hotel. Magnifying glass

Associate Vice-President Human Resources Carolina Willsher congratulates the long service award recipients and retirees gathered at Le Nouvel Hotel.

Nearly 200 faculty and staff wined and dined at Le Nouvel hotel on Sept. 8 at a reception to honour their combined contribution of 8 348 years to Concordia.
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Starting in 1963 at Sir George Williams University, long service awards have paid tribute to those who have worked at the university for longer than than 20 years. The practice was continued after the merger of Sir George Williams and Loyola in 1974. At the suggestion of President Judith Woodsworth, the format was changed this year to also include those who retired in 2008.

Concordians from across departments packed the hall and took advantage of the opportunity to exchange stories and catch up with old friends.

Emcee Carolina Willsher, the newly appointed Associate Vice-President, Human Resources, warmly greeted the large, diverse crowd before inviting Woodsworth to the podium.

“Thank you so much for your dedication, your loyalty, your accomplishments,” Woodsworth said. “We owe you all a debt of gratitude for helping us build the momentum we are experiencing now.”

Peter Kruyt, chair of the Board of Governors, said the event was remarkable: “It’s amazing to think that people are willing to commit up to 45 years to an institution.” Union leaders and members of the President’s Cabinet – deans and vice-presidents – were also in attendance.

Career and Placement Service Manager Elaine Arsenault has been at Concordia for 20 years. She started in Human Resources before transferring to Alumni Relations and later Counselling and Development. She addressed the crowd on behalf of the long-service award recipients.

Concordia’s culture and diversity is to be treasured, Arsenault said, adding, “When I walk through the halls, I love what I see.”

Professor Emeritus Bill Byers, who retired from the Mathematics and Statistics department last year, spoke about the transition to his new life as a writer. He expressed hope that people would be able to stay connected to the university community.

“Retiring is a very strange experience,” he said. “It’s both terrifying and exhilarating. You now have the freedom to do things you’ve always wanted to do. But there is also the loss of a well-defined identity that the university gives you.”

To recognize their contributions, long service recipients were presented with gifts from Birks and retirees received gifts from the Concordia Bookstore.

See photos
from the event on the News@Concordia site.

Sabah T. Alkass, Building, Civil and Env. Engr.,
Ibrahim Aly, Accountancy,
Elaine Arsenault, Counselling and Development,
James Ball, Painting & Drawing,
Pierre Begin, Physical Resources,
Lynn Bergeron, Institute for Cooperative Education,
Serge Bergeron, Office of the Provost & VP Research,
M. Catherine Bolton, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics
Jeri Brown-Johnston, Music
Murray Brunt, Facilities Management
William Bukowski, Psychology
Akif Asil Bulgak, Mechanical Engineering
Julie Cadham, IITS
Bryan Campbell, Economics
Brahm Canzer, Marketing
Donatella Caputo, Fine Arts
Josie Caruso, CMLL
Jacqueline Chapman, Physics
Janice Clarini, Sociology & Anthropology
Murray Clarke, Philosophy
Ailie Cleghorn, Education
Mark Corwin, Music
Jocelyne Côté, IITS
Johanne De Cubellis, Auxiliary Services
Nick D'Onofrio, Library
John Dore, Recreation and Athletics
Heather Endre, Financial Services
Jamshid Etezadi-Amoli, Decision Sciences & MIS
Sophie Fontaine, Enrolment Services
Hallie Frank, Psychology
Luisa Frazzetto-Buffone, Engineering & Computer Science
Wendy French, IITS
Harry Z. Galina, Psychology
Judy Garfin, Studio Arts
Marc Gauthier, Office of VP, Services
Robert T. Gifford, Art History
Allan J. Gingell, Mail Services
Eric Goldner, Recruitment Office
Jean-Marc Gouanvic, Etudes françaises
Louis Goyette, Cinema
Randall Halter, TESL
John P. Harnad, Mathematics & Statistics
Hugh Hazelton, Classics/Mod. Lang. & Ling.
Gilles Huard, Mechanical Engineering
Lynn Hughes, Studio Arts
Bonnie Janicki, Economics
Franklin Jimenez, Physical Resources
Maria Jodoin, Library
Éric Lagacé, Music
Barbara Layne, Studio Arts
Claire LeBrun-Gouanvic, Etudes françaises
Bluma Litner, Applied Human Sciences
Gregory Lypny, Finance
Chantal Maille, Siimone de Beauvoir Institute
Tak K. Mak, Decision Sciences and MIS
Tony Mancini, Decision Sciences and MIS
Monique Martin, Music
Costantino Maruca, Facilities Operations
Fred McGregor, Management
Ronald McLaughlin, Bookstore
Mark Medicoff, Marketing
Elise M. Melançon, Economics
Sydney B. Miller, Psychology
Perla Muyal, Fine Arts, Student Aff.
Alan E. Nash, Geography
Marielle Nitoslawska, Cinema
Adrian Norvid, Sudio Arts
Desmond O'Neill, Facilities Management
Atila Pahlavan, IITS
Robert Paknys, Electrical & Computer Engr.
Tony Patricio, Studio Arts
Zbigniew Pleszewski, Psychology
Maria Ponte, Arts & Science
Hassan Pourarya, IITS
Ann Pye, IITS
Chellaiyah Rajalingham, Bldg., Civil & Env. Engr.
Diane Rambaran, Human Resources
Johanne Richard, Purchasing Services
Peter Harry Rist, Cinema
Anne Root, Registrar
Michael Sampson, Economics
Michelina Sardella-Trapid, Design Art
Giuseppina Sblendorio, Fine Arts
Steven Shaw, Education
Karen Simon, Etudes françaises
Allan Smith, Applied Human Sciences
Linda Szabad-Smyth, Art Education
Maria-Luisa Teoli, CMLL
Nelly Trakas, Centre for Mature Students
Sylvain Vaillancourt, Physical Resources
Luigina Vileno, Library
Michael Von Grunau, Psychology
Marie-France Wagner, Etudes françaises
Joanna L. White, Education
Laurie Zack, Internal and Web Communications
Syed Saad Zubair, Internal Audit

Carol Ann Acton, Commerce, CIT
Martin Allor, Communications Studies
Adèle E. Beaudry, Painting & Drawing
Joseph Beltempo, Psychology
Robert Black, Library
Robert E. Breuer, Etudes françaises
B. Kemal Buyukkurt, Marketing
Meral Buyukkurt, Decision Sciences and MIS
Perry Calce, School of Community and Public Affairs
Howard J. Campbell, Management
Kathleen Carey, Bookstore
Michael G. Carney, Management
Josy Cirella, Human Resources
Chantal Collard, Sociology & Anthropology
Michael Conway, Psychology
Peter Côté, Office of Rights & Responsibilities
Susil K. Das, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Angela De Benedictis, Engineering & Computer Science
Georges Dénès, Chemistry & Biochemistry
James Dubois, Counselling & Development
Gail Fayerman, Accountancy
David Ford, Computer Science
Cynthia Foster, Office of the Registrar
William Lambert Gardiner, Communication Studies
Cynthia George, Library
Paul E. Gibbons, Theatre
Guy Gosselin, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Anita Grants, Art History
Peter Grogono, Computer Science
Nancy Helms, Theatre
Alan P. Hochstein, Finance
Michael Keeffe, IITS
Holly King, Painting & Drawing
Guy Lachapelle, Political Science
Lise H. Larin, Painting & Drawing
Céline Laurin-Anctil, Etudes françaises
Hon Fung Li, Computer Science
Joanne Locke, Arts & Science
Varda Mann-Feder, Applied Human Sciences
Mahmood Moghaddam K., English
David Moscovitz, Marketing
Odile Plain, Etudes françaises
Joanne Plante, Human Resources
Bernie Raso, Office of the Registrar
Karl Raudsepp, Music
Marc D. Rotstein, CMLL
Olivia Rovinescu, Centre for Teaching & Learning Svcs
Sandra Rozansky, Continuing Education
Barbara Ruttenberg, Sociology & Anthropology
Filippo Salvatore, CMLL
Louise Samson, Music
Ahmet Satir, Decision Sciences and MIS
Susan Scott, Painting & Drawing
Barbara Shapiro, Management
Jody Staveley, Sociology & Anthropology
Lorne N. Switzer, Finance
Anna Szpilberg, Music
Dereje Taye, Library
Stella Teti, Library
Jerry Tomberlin, Commerce & Administration
Janina J. Warzecha, Library
Donna Whittaker, History
Anna Zaccagnini, Enrolment Services
Alex P. Zinegyi, Marketing
Radu Grigore Zmeureanu, BCEE

M. Omair Ahmad, Electrical and Computer Engr.
Susan Altimas, Mechanical Engineering
Steven H. Appelbaum, Management
Robert M. Bernard, Education
Vinette Marie Berryman, Ombuds Office
Rama B. Bhat, Office of Provost
Serge Bonin, Facilities Management
Michael Brady, Electrical Division
Erika-Linda Brazinskis, Library
Jenny Calder, Advocacy & Support Services
Yogendra Chaubey, Mathematics and Statistics
Dave Clark, Music
Daniel Cuillierrier, Physical Resources
Ghislaine Daoust, Translation Services
Roch Deslauriers, Etudes françaises
Giovanni Di Lullo, CMLL
Eusebius J. Doedel, Computer Science
John S. Donahue, CMLL
David Elliott, Studio Arts
Mario Falsetto, Cinema
Pamela J. Fox, Electrical & Computer Engr.
Janet Fradette, Office of the Registrar
Ann Golubowski, Library
Vladimir Hakien, Library
Susan Hawke, Counselling & Development
Henry Hong, Mechanical Engineering
Paul Hrasko, IITS
Marlis Hubbard, Counselling & Development
Joseph Hulet, Academic Information Technology
Dainius Juras, Mechanical Engineering
Gary Katch, IITS
Robert Kirk, IITS
Benoît Lachance, Distribution Services
Michel Laroche, Marketing
Kai Lee, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Ellen Lord, Management
Catherine MacKenzie, Art History
Mary Melnyk, Financial Services
Leopold Plotek, Studio Arts
Iqbal Qadri, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Rose C. Quinn, Office of the Registrar
Ron Rehel, Exercise Science
Ira Robinson, Religion
Gary Schwartz, Music
Marcia Segal, English
Ted Stathopoulos, Graduate Studies
George Stecyk, IITS
Nancy Stewart, Commerce & Administration
Jean St-Onge, Marketing
Angela Wilson Wright, School of Extended Learning
John Winiarz, Music
Abe Worenklein, Education
Susan Yegendorf, Library

Barbara Ann Barclay, TESL
Tien D. Bui, Computer Science
Steve Bush, IITS
Ralph Carter, IITS
Samuel B. Clement, Psychology
Anna-Beth Doyle, Psychology
Jane C. Fraser, Library
Harry Greenspan, Mathematics & Statistics
Paul R.C. Gregory, Art Supply Store
Maureen Habib, Continuing Education
Arpi O. Hamalian, Education
Kamel Khalifa, Communication Studies
Christian Knudsen, Photography
Steven S. Kredl, Distribution Services
John McKay, Computer Science
Robert A. Mearns, Mathematics & Statistics
Sabah Mikhail, Biology
Frank G. Müller, Economics
Michael Oppenheim, Religion
Miriam Posner, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Robert Pouliot, Physical Resources
Thiruvengadam Radhakrishnan, Computer Science
Christopher W. Trueman, Electrical & Computer Engr.
Catherine Vallejo, CMLL

Jaleel Ahmad, Economics
Bipin Desai, Computer Science and Software Engineering
Horst Hutter, Political Science
Frederick H. Krantz, Liberal Arts College
Lina Lipscombe, Bookstore
Thomas Oulton McElroy, IITS
Elaine B.S. Newman, Biology
Sandra R. Paikowsky, Art History
John S. Phelan, Physical Resources
Venkatanarayana Ramachandran, Elec. & Computer Engr.
Anthony Synnott, Sociology and Anthropology
Jo Ann Welsh, Arts & Science

Frank Chalk, History
David Franklin, Management
Fred E. Szabo, Mathematics and Statistics

Paul J. Albert, Biology, 36
Susan T. Anastasopoulos, Economics, 20
Maria-Helena Bairos, Library, 20
Frederick Bird, Religion, 38
Nabil Bissada, Environmental Health & Safety, 21
William P. Byers, Mathematics & Statistics, 37
Gary Peter Chalmers, Bookstore, 41
Donald Chambers, Arts & Science, 33
Elizabeth Chau, 33
Giuseppina Colace, Human Resources, 31
Benjamin Daniel, Printing Services, 33
Sahadeo Nicki Debiparshad, Economics, 25
Dennis Dicks, Education, 35
John Fisher, Facilities Management, 32
Jocelyne Fleury, Music, 20
Judith M. Garner, Chemistry & Biochemistry, 22
George Georgis, Library, 33
Bayram Zeki Gidengil, Marketing, 33
Sup Mei Graub, Counelling & Development, 38
Robert Hamel, Physical Resources, 20
James C. Hayes, Mathematics & Statistics, 45
Edward Hemming, Physical Resources, 33
Gabriella Hochmann, Library, 30
Chris Hodge, IITS, 31
Marilyn Howell, Commerce & Administration, 34
Roger Kenner, IITS, 30
Delano King, Copy Centres, 42
William Carl Knitter, Education, 35
Raymond Le Van Mao, Chemistry & Biochemistry, 24
Dominique Legros, Sociology & Anthropology, 33
Rocco Lombardo, Civil Engineering, 28
Andrée Lotey, Etudes françaises, 20
Bruce MacKenzie, Office of the Registrar, 22
David McCluskey, Physical Resources, 28
Jean McGuire, Management, 22
J. Daniel McLaughlin, Biology, 37
Marie-Christine Morel, Art Therapy, 38
Robert Murray, Painting & Drawing, 34
Stanley Nachfolger, Political Science, 37
Susan O'Connell, Arts & Science, 23
Maria Paradiso de Bellonia, Academic Relations, 23
Sandra Pearson-Whitney, Financial Services, 22
Enn Raudsepp, Journalism, 31
Daryl Lynn Ross, Multi-faith Chaplaincy, 24
Daniel Roy, BCEE, 37
Lillian Rubinlicht, Library, 37
Elizabeth J. Sacca, School of Graduate Studies, 34
Kali Sakell, School of Graduate Studies, 21
Jane Stewart, Psychology, 46
Randy Swedburg, Applied Human Sciences, 30
Hal Thwaites, Communication Studies, 26
Robert Turnbull, Psychology, 41
Marie-Françoise Umbdenstock-Murat, Etudes françaises, 38
Mary Vipond, History, 39
Marion Wagschal, Studio Arts, 37


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