Celebrating Earth Day

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JMSB PhD student and David O’Brien Centre for Sustainable Enterprise Research Assistant Stephanie Berger helped coordinate Earth Day Flash Mob in Bethune Square on April 22. Meanwhile, in the MB Building, old banners were recycled into environmental pledges, with support from the JMSB Sustainable Business Group and Career Management... - Read more

Concordia opens access to its research output

After a wide-ranging discussion involving faculty from across the university, Senate passed a resolution requiring all Concordia researchers to either deposit their peer-reviewed articles in Spectrum, the university’s institutional repository, or to indicate their reasons for not doing so. The resolution puts Concordia at the forefront of the issue among Canadian institutions stating: “Concordia University wishes to take a leadership... - Read more


Intimate and interactive

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Pauline Béraud

When associate professor Matt Soar came across Florian Thalhofer’s award-winning interactive/database narrative software, he told the Berlin-based media artist that Steve Jobs might come calling. Steve Jobs didn’t call, Thalhofer reveals, but Concordia did. Soon after, Soar and colleague... - Read more

Strong dollar built on strong foundation

Professor analyzes sometimes-illogical lending practices

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Arvind Jain

While most of the world’s economies are pulling themselves out of the wreckage of the most recent financial crisis, Canada is riding high with the strongest dollar in more than three decades. “Basically, we are benefitting from a solid... - Read more

Facilitating access to student research

Institutional repository opens the way to digital thesis submission

Making students’ graduate work instantly available and entirely searchable as soon as they complete their final corrections is just one of the possibilities Spectrum, our institutional repository, offers. Currently students have to return to the thesis office at least three... - Read more


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