Creepy crawly at ExpoScience 

Susan Parisella Magnifying glass

Susan Parisella

Biology technician Susan Parisella introduced this Chilean rose tarantula to citizens of the West Island at ExpoScience. Itís faintly pink in colour, about four inches in diameter, and venomous but not poisonous.

Itís easy to handle, too. Parisella said some people kept coming back to play with it, especially little girls. So much for myths about Miss Muffet and her fear of arachnids.

ExpoScience, which has been held over a fall weekend at Pointe Claireís Stewart Hall for 24 years, is always popular, especially with children, and drew 1,300 visitors this year. Students, technicians and faculty members demonstrated chemical reactions, showed off vehicles and video games, and generally infected the visitors with their own passion for science and technology.


Concordia University