Fighting aging

Vladimir Titorenko Magnifying glass

Vladimir Titorenko

Ponce de Leon, it seems, was looking in the wrong place for the Fountain of Youth. According to Vladimir Titorenko (Biology), if a source of agelessness exists, it will not be found in a Floridian stream but somewhere in the genetic code of yeast. (Sorry, Snowbirds.) Titorenko is the... - Read more

Strategic planning: new phase

The articulation of the university's strategic goals is moving from a passive to a more active stage. Newly constituted presidential panels will now identify and seek to fill gaps in the information collected. Last fall, all members of the university community were encouraged to share their vision for Concordia in public meetings, more intimate world café settings, website posts or... - Read more


Karl Polanyi: Still envisioning a different world

Eleventh Polanyi conference a success

Polanyi conference Magnifying glass

Polanyi conference

Sometime during the denouement of the 11th international Karl Polanyi conference, Polanyi Institute Director Marguerite Mendell received an email from University of Toronto senior scholar and conference participant Richard Sandbrook. "Intellectual life becomes fun again at the Karl Polanyi conference,"... - Read more

Mapping Montreal’s music scene – just how different are we?

Torngat studied music at Concordia. Magnifying glass

Torngat studied music at Concordia.

When most people go out to hear music in Montreal, they might bring along comfy shoes or a friend. Geography, Planning and Environment master's student Thomas Cummins-Russell might bring a map. As his thesis, the 24-year old is examining the... - Read more

The limits of quantitative evaluation

Ayaz Naseem Magnifying glass

Ayaz Naseem

Education professor Ayaz Naseem did not pull any punches in Scientism and Education: Empirical Research as Neo-Liberal Ideology (co-authored with Emery Hyslop-Margison of the University of New Brunswick). The book argues persuasively that use of traditional empirical research methods to improve the quality of education in society is not only inadequate, it might actually be an impediment. ... - Read more


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