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The Journal is the only regular campus publication dedicated to documenting the achievements of our faculty, staff and students. Every two weeks, we aim to deliver a current and engaging snapshot of who we are and where we’re headed.

With tens of thousands of people throughout the university – an institution spread across two campuses, four faculties, several schools and numerous fields of interest – this is a sizable feat.

For this reason, we rely our community members to keep us up-to-date on all the remarkable things happening at Concordia. To best communicate your story, there are a few elements that need consideration:

1. Timeliness. Why is your story important right now? Is it better to communicate before to encourage participation or after to report success?

2. Relevance. What difference is being made? How will the event/research/achievement affect Concordia's present and future? Does your news capitalize on a particular strength of Concordia or its community? Does your story have broad appeal outside your discipline or department?

3. People. Getting to know names and faces goes a long way in building community. Better still, are you part of collaboration between departments or faculties, or received a grant from a noteworthy institution?

4. Advance notice. To give your news the best coverage we can, we need to know about it well in advance. Since we usually coordinate each issue two weeks before publication, the earlier we know, the better. Visit for our publication schedule (or click on the Publication and Deadline Dates tab above).

Don't hesitate to drop us a phone call (ext. 4882) or a quick email
( We look forward to hearing about what you're doing.

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