In Memoriam: Dowan Kwon 

Concordia was saddened with the passing of associate professor of Decision Science and Management Information Systems Dowan Kwon. He died Nov. 13, 2008.

Kwon joined Concordia University in 2002. He taught undergraduate and graduate level courses such as database management, systems design and implementation, and advanced topics in information systems development. His research interests included business values and strategic consequences of information systems, detailed analyses of technological framing and evolution and qualitative research methodologies.

Kwon was awarded a three-year FQRSC grant in 2005. His work reached many people over the course his life. Kwon was proud to present his research at such conferences as ICIS doctoral consortium, the Academy of Management Annual Meeting, ASAC, and KMIS. As well, his findings were published in such volumes as the Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Information Technology and People as well as the Journal of Business Research.

The sympathies of the Concordia community go to all the members of his family.


Concordia University