Sensing what sells

Bianca Grohmann Magnifying glass

Bianca Grohmann

People have favourite colours, scents and all other sensory preferences. But did you know that those same sensory cues have favourite people? What's more? They make you want to buy stuff. Investigating how different sensory experiences affect the shopping desires of different people is what our newly minted Concordia... - Read more

CSLP toolkit

Brabant congratulates Abrami. Magnifying glass

Brabant congratulates Abrami.

Over the last two weeks, the Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance has hosted a number of events celebrating their work on research and development on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The CSLP’s work on a variety of software tools intended to enhance student learning and literacy skills was launched earlier as the Learning Toolkit. “Elements of... - Read more


Faculty of Fine Arts honours contributions

Every year, the Awards of Distinction are presented to individuals, organizations and corporations to honour the support of and excellence in the arts. Nominations for these awards are put forth by faculty members, students and staff. The selection committee is... - Read more

IT infrastructure being assessed

Being online is essential in a university. “We rely on information technology for teaching, research and for running the business of a university,” says Patrick Kelley who was named Special Advisor to the Vice-President, Services on Information Technology, as well... - Read more

New electroacoustic archive largest in Canada

If a tree falls in the forest, you capture it on tape and manipulate the sound until it’s a shimmering work of art… will people listen? The answer is a resounding 'yes.' And now, you can hear hundreds more stunning... - Read more


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