Strategic planning process entering home stretch 

By Karen Herland

The strategic planning process is entering the home stretch as feedback from all corners of the university is being collated into an action plan.

On March 23 President Judith Woodsworth delivered a presentation on the broader context of the planning process to the Board of Governors. The presentation provided facts and figures on student enrolment, resources and revenues for the university. That data is being supported by information from other sources.

After a broad public consultation last term, a reworked plan was posted for comments at

In January, Woodsworth established three Presidential Panels on areas of key importance: Student experience, employee engagement and community engagement. Those bodies are currently preparing the results of their consultation and reflection for integration into the final plan.

“The work of these panels is vital to our success in drafting a workable and sustainable action,” says Provost David Graham. “Having some focused suggestions on these important areas should help us to ensure that our planned actions are in tune with community expectations and that we can count on the full support of the community, both inside and outside Concordia, as a result.”

A first iteration of the full plan, which will include a statement of the context and a sample action plan in addition to the core document already made available, will be presented at Senate on April 17. Comments from that presentation and feedback from the web site will be integrated into a second version to go to Senate in May.

The final plan will go to the Board of Governors in June. After that, the plan can be set into motion.


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