FASA’s delicious knishes 

Magnifying glass

Lael Williams (left) and Pippa Bartlett from the Fibres Student Association did double duty knitting scarves and publicizing their upcoming event at the Fine Arts Student Alliance Club Fair on Oct. 6.

Though the exact details have yet to be hammered out, the FSA's Stitch'n'Witch dance party and bake sale will be coming to town on Oct. 30. For information, contact fsa.concordia@gmail.com.

During the fair, the 11th floor of the EV Building was crawling with students and representatives from FASA's 22 clubs and affiliates. Café X, the student-run fine arts café, served up heaps of spinach knishes, samosas, pumpkin bread and more.

The event wrapped up their month-long orientation, which included a wine and cheese with artist-run centres, visual and performing arts tours of the city, and the annual barbecue in the courtyard of the VA Building.

"People look forward to coming back to school just because of that barbecue," says FASA Vice President Internal Communications Stephanie Bokenfohr. "It's legendary."

Students dig into the snacks provided by Café X. Magnifying glass

Students dig into the snacks provided by Café X.

They are also planning a Halloween party in association with Art Matters and the VAV Gallery. To find out about upcoming FASA events, send an email to fasa@concordia.ca with "newsletter" in the subject line, or visit FASA's site.


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