Office of Student Tribunals Annual Academic Hearing Report 

Overview of charges laid under the Academic Code of Conduct

In accordance with article 80 of the Academic Code of Conduct, this report details the number of charges laid under the Code and their disposition and is presented at the September meeting of Senate.

The specific breakdown by Faculty for 2008-09 is provided in the table below.

Magnifying glass

To date, a total of 398 incidents were reported for courses taken during the academic period covered by this report. A total of 235 charges were upheld at the Faculty level, 113 charges were dismissed and 31 are still pending.

Out of those, the Office of Student Tribunals received a total of 31 requests for Academic Hearing Panels (AHP) (13 of those for second offences). Adding the 24 AHP requests pending for cases from previous years, we come to a total of 55 AHP requests in line for the year (20 for second offences).

The office conducted 30 Academic Hearing Panels (including 13 for second offence cases) as well as:

• 7 Academic Appeal Panels;
• 1 Academic Appeals Hearing;
• 11 Re-Evaluation Appeal Panels;
• 4 Graduate Academic Appeal Panels;
• 3 Student Hearing Panels under the Code of Rights and Responsibilities.

In total, the office held 56 hearings during the course of the last academic year.
The Office of Student Tribunals began the 2009-10 academic term on June 1, 2009, with the following number of pending cases:
• 22 AHPs from 2008-09 (6 for second offences);
• 1 Academic Appeal request;
• 1 Code of Rights and Responsibilities cases;
• 1 Graduate Academic Appeal;
• 5 Re-Evaluation Appeals.

This brings our list of pending cases to a total of 30. However, since June 1, 2009, 11 of these pending cases have been heard.

Angelica Novoa
Officer, Office of Student Tribunals

Friday, September 18, 2009


Concordia University