A message from the chair of the Board 

As we begin the fall term at Concordia, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new President, Judith Woodsworth, and on behalf of the entire Board of Governors, wish her the greatest success in taking our university to the next level in its development.

I would also like to express publicly the unanimous appreciation of our Board of Governors to former President Michael Di Grappa. Michael graciously and courageously stepped in to lead this institution through a challenging nine-month period. Not only did he keep Concordia on track with skill, tact and determination, but he concluded a number of important issues such as some outstanding labour agreements as well as the budget. Concordia owes him a deep debt of gratitude.

Concordia is a tremendous institution with a promising future. Over the next few months, President Woodsworth and her team are going to be mapping out a strategic direction for this institution to define our goals and the plan to take us there. With the strong support of the entire Concordia community and our friends outside the university, I know that we are well positioned to support our community in both the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

I wish you all a rich and productive fall term.

Peter Kruyt
Chair, Board of Governors


Concordia University