Congress prep 

Magnifying glass

Elena Gheorghiu (left) and Heather MacDougall sit at the Concordia booth at the 2009 Congress of the Social Science and Humanities at Carleton University in Ottawa. In total, 30 Concordians attended from May 23 to 31 to spread the word about Congress 2010 at Concordia. Gheorghiu and MacDougall were two of the seven students that worked as volunteers during Congress 2009.

From may 28 to June 4, 2010 Concordia will welcome approximately 9 000 delegates from universities in every province and territory in Canada, as well as from around the world. Under the theme of Connected Understanding/Le savoir branché, the conference will host delegates from more than 70 universities and 66 scholarly associations. They will share their research experience and address the pertinent questions surrounding issues such as the interdisciplinarity of human rights, digital technology, research creation and open access to information.


Concordia University