In Memoriam: Stanley E. Horner, 1933 - 2009 

Stanley Horner [S BA 56] taught Art Education at Sir George Williams University and then Concordia University from 1963 until 1993. He later earned the honour of Distinguished Professor Emeritus.

Horner was a founding member of the Department of Fine Arts and served as a model of innovative and student-centred teaching. In the 1970s, he pioneered the integration of new media into the curriculum, and he was instrumental in the development of the departments of performing arts. His own artwork explored media and crossed the traditional boundaries between the arts.

He was credited with helping Concordia be the first Canadian university to offer graduate arts programs, and for being an inspiration to young, new faculty members. Horner has been described as, “an inspired artist and superlative teacher, and his theoretical work, his art and the integration of his ideas have made important contributions to art education.”

His colleague, Leah Sherman, described him as an inspiration to everyone — faculty and students alike — and that he was remarkably creative, talented and original. “He was very avant-garde for his time.”

Stan, as he was known to many people, lived sustainably long before it was popular. He grew up on a farm and gardened, producing his own food. He used a bicycle to get around for more than 60 years. He recycled, repaired and re-used materials in his art and at home. After retiring from Concordia, he designed and built Souliterra, an earth-sheltered solar house in eastern Ontario. He later moved to Victoria, B.C., where he finished the Reaching I Ching Project of 64 artworks.

A loving husband, father and brother, he died at home with his wife by his side. He is survived by his children, Kyle and Mara Horner, his stepson Ned Servant and his brothers, Don and Lee.

Stan’s ashes will be scattered into the sea during a private ceremony. There will be a gathering in his honour from 2 to 5 p.m. on Sun., Nov. 1, at 252 Superior St. in Victoria.

A fund in memory of Stanley E. Horner was established at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Concordia University. To contribute, please send cheques, payable to Concordia University, to Annual Giving, S-FB 520, or call ext. 3884 for more information.


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