Coffee with the CSU 

Student government looks for ways to bring constituencies together

Magnifying glass

CSU VP Services Prince Ralph Osei (left) and ASFA VP Social Amir Sheth answer questions at the third session of Amine and Co., the bi-monthly Hall Building Java U meet-and-greet between the students and their government.

Osei stated he’s been surprised by the poor student involvement at such events (this one had only a few students present). However, the CSU is continuing with planned events in the hopes he and the Vision team will get students more interested in participating in their school. In February, they’ll hold a speaker series, welcoming paralympians Benoit St-Amand and Chantal Benoit to address mobility and motivation.

The two VPs also expressed a desire for more university administration involvement in student activities, saying both students and admin would gain valuable understanding of how the university works on different levels.

“Very few students know members of the administration. When they attend student events, it’s easier to get to know them,” said Shelth.

CSU president Amine Dabchy was absent due to illness.


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