Concordians make some noise 

The Mirrorís annual Noisemakers issue is, as usual, heavy on Concordia representation as those affiliated with the university continue to make waves.

From religion professor Donald Boisvertís anticipated series, Queer Religion, to some of the founders of Roving Party Machine, who are taking a shot at redefining gender at Mile End nightspots, the contributions are varied and often edgy. Greg Horn is using his journalism degree as news and public affairs director at K103 but also on his own project

Musicians in Barn Burner, as well as Charlotte Crawford studied at Concordia, along with painter Jenny Schade. The film industry benefits from the contributions of members of Phase Four Productions, along with filmmaker Jacquelyn Mills, whose work was featured on Jan. 11 as part of a special NFB retrospective of work by Concordia grads. Finally communication studies alum Aaron Hancox has parlayed the engaging mini-doc he did on Montrealís Cinema LíAmour into a legit happening by programming grindhouse films and bands in the venue for monthly fundraisers.

Apologies if we missed someone who didnít mention their alma mater.


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