Ignatieff stops in  

Magnifying glass

CSU President Amine Dabchy (left) introduces official opposition leader Michael Ignatieff of the Liberal Party during a town hall session on the 7th floor of the Hall Building on Jan. 12.

Numerous members of parliament were also in the audience, including Marc Garneau, Justin Trudeau, Pablo Rodriguez, Francis Scarpaleggia and Bernard Patry.
“We’re lucky, we have half of the parliament here,” Dabchy joked.

In a ten-minute introduction, Ignatieff touched on voter apathy, the environment and the economy, before opening the floor to questions from students.

“I do hope that all of you are here because you care about your country and you care about its politics,” Ignatieff said. He later told the crowd that it was his responsibility as a political leader to give young people something worth voting for.

Ignatieff is on a cross-country tour of university campuses. He came to Concordia as part of the CSU Speaker Series, which has previously included Ralph Nader, David Suzuki, Al Sharpton and Spike Lee.

To listen to an audio recording of the event online.


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