Itís your news ó get it delivered 

Want to know more about whatís going on at Concordia? Would you like to receive email updates of major university news and information posted on News@Concordia?

Itís as easy as subscribing to the eNews@Concordia listserv. You will be informed by email of major announcements and events that are of university-wide interest: major achievements or university milestones, major events or funding announcements, and appointments to senior administrative or academic positions. You will also receive the line-up and links to the online Journal on the day that it appears.

Concordia has many listservs used to inform the community, including the Please Post announcements sent to departments, but they are not available to the entire community. The goal is to optimize the delivery of email information and open it up so that anyone in the Concordia community can receive university news and information in their email, if they so wish. Subscription to the eNews@Concordia listserv is on a strictly voluntary basis.

Any and all Concordians can sign on ó students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends of the university. We encourage you to spread the word in your area and encourage your colleagues to sign on.

For instructions on how to subscribe or unsubscribe (itís easy), go to the eNews@Concordia page or contact Shelagh Peden, 514-848-2424, ext. 4183 or


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