Academic Hearing Report 

In accordance with article 69 of the Code of Conduct (Academic), this report was submitted to the September meeting of Senate for the academic period between June 1, 2007, and May 31, 2008.

There were 349 incident reports filed during the time period covered by this report. A total of 212 charges were upheld at the faculty level, 107 charges were dismissed and 30 are still pending. The Office of Student Tribunals received 31 Academic Hearing Panel (AHP) requests for 2007-08, of which 11 were for second offences. There were 36 requests for a hearing which were pending from the previous year, of which 14 were for second offences.

Among those 67 AHP requests, our office conducted 39 Academic Hearing Panels including 19 for second offence cases and heard 3 requests for Appeal. We also convened 10 Re-Evaluation Appeals and one charge under the Code of Rights and Responsibilities for a total of 53 hearings.

The specific breakdown by Faculty for 2007-08 is provided below.

   *These numbers include cases pending at the Faculty Level Magnifying glass

*These numbers include cases pending at the Faculty Level

The Office of Student Tribunals is beginning its new academic term with 15 pending academic hearing requests from 2007-08 of which 6 are second offence charges. We also have 6 Appeal Requests of AHP, 3 Graduate Academic Appeal Panels (GAAT) and 5 Re-Evaluation Appeals to be addressed as well.

Nathalie Larose, Administrator, Office of Student Tribunals


Concordia University