Jeremiah Hayes, distinguished Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is pursuing his post-retirement interest in the history of telecommunications. Recently, he published "A History of Transatlantic Cables" in the IEEE Communications Magazine and he is presenting the paper "TAT-1 and Deregulation" at IEEE Globecom in New Orleans.

Linda Kay (Journalism) discussed the implications of paying sources on CTV Newsnet in response to the New York Times report on an alleged deal between People magazine and Angelina Jolie exchanging good coverage for access to pics of her twins. Meanwhile, Kay’s colleague, Jim McLean, has just had a piece published in Policy Options. He analyzed the communication tactics of the Conservatives during the last federal election. L. Ian McDonald, the editor of Policy Options, wrote "Jim's brilliant dissection of the campaign leads this issue. He succinctly and elegantly captures the importance of the economy to the election."

The Jewish Independent in Vancouver reported on a panel discussion held last month featuring Frank Chalk's 30-minute documentary Hate Propaganda. Chalk, director of the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies, screened the film which contrasts the use of hate propaganda in Nazi Germany, Slobodan Milosevic's Serbia and Rwanda. He concluded the film saying: "We ignore hate propaganda at our peril. It is virtually unparallelled as an early warning sign of what is to come, and we no longer have any excuse for tolerating it."

Eckhard Siggel (Economics) was interviewed on RDI en direct for perspective on how the emerging market economies are likely to be affected by the present financial crisis. He said economies with large accumulated stores of foreign currency are likely to fare better.

Lucie Bettez, a former undergraduate student who specialized in the oral history of the 1946 strike of Valleyfield textile workers, has just published a revised version of the honours history thesis she wrote under the guidance of Ron Rudin, in Labour/le Travail. Steven High (Canada Research Chair in Public History) said he thought the publication of undergraduate work in the esteemed journal is unprecedented.

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands met with Bhagwati afterwards in a private reception. Simon Reinink, Director of the Concertgebouw, is on the right. Magnifying glass

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands met with Bhagwati afterwards in a private reception. Simon Reinink, Director of the Concertgebouw, is on the right.

Sandeep Bhagwati (Canada Research Chair in Inter-X-Art) had two major premieres in Europe in November. He premiered Racines Ephémères, an evening-length work commissioned by the Essl Foundation at Wien Modern, the largest contemporary music festival in Europe. The piece features eight musicians wandering in three dimensions in a contemporary architectural space. He also acted as artistic director for Rasalila, an East West Music project, at the India Festival Amsterdam. That performance in the Concertgebouw was attended by a number of dignitaries including Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands who met with Bhagwati and the soloists afterwards in a private reception.


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