Sharing research about aging 

Addressing the growing policy and planning needs of an aging population requires a multidisciplinary approach.

On Fri, Nov. 7, academics from a multitude of departments at Concordia met to share their research.

By engaging in a constructive dialogue across disciplines, the aim of the workshop was to raise awareness and foster potential collaboration among Concordia researchers. The disciplines represented by researchers were; political science, psychology, accounting, marketing, philosophy, sociology and applied human sciences.

The workshop attracted a substantial representation of Concordia’s varied and dynamic academic community. The workshop’s organizers, Patrik Marier (Canada Research Chair in Comparative Public Policy and Department of Political Science) and Dolores Pushkar (Centre for Research in Human Development) were pleased with the turnout and the lively discussions that took place throughout the day.

The event culminated in the agreement to create a network on aging, featuring monthly roundtables, allowing all those studying population ageing to share their findings on a regular basis.

The group will hold “Lunch and Learn” meetings once per month, rotating between both campuses.


Concordia University