Feedback on the Strategic Planning Process 

The following comments were taken from among those on the strategic planning website. To join the conversation, go to the Strategic Planning website.

I am particularly encouraged to see that in addition to the usual "education" and "research" facets of a university's responsibilities, our mission statement once again incorporates the idea of social responsibility under "community partnerships"...

I have to say that as a Concordia Alumni, I have never been more proud of this University. It is always seeking new ways to improve and is very attentive to its students' needs. This is a wonderful opportunity for students and staff members to interact and help Concordia maintain its wonderful mission.

Concordia has a right to be very proud of the efforts of students and faculty alike in providing leadership in environmental sustainability and an example for universities and other communities to follow.

It is important to communicate well in order to provide outstanding customer service to our students and communicate well with our partners from the community.

We have great resources that can be leveraged in order to improve teaching skills as well and make courses more up-to-date and more dynamic. We could also make better use of technology available when appropriate.

Inherent in any planning process is a clear delineation of where certain decisions, strategic or not, are made; and how they are made. This has to be tied to control of budget, because that is [where] the real power is.

I am not sure how to best strike a balance between getting lots of funds coming, lots of students enrolling and lots of not so good quality students graduating with a University level degree. But I leave this to people who may have more experience in handling such delicate balance.

In order to excel the university's academic excellence and integrity the admission standards need to be higher.

I think it is essential that any strategic plan make recruitment and retention of topnotch faculty a central priority.

While I endorse the need for mechanisms to support cross disciplinary activities, and to include their consideration in a process of strategic planning, I still endorse that departments should be the central planning and decision making unit in the university.

I believe absolutely that any strategic plan for any university must state categorically that faculty and staff play the primary role in shaping the university. This is so obvious that it is often taken as a given, and therefore left unsaid. It should be stated loud and clear.

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