In Memoriam: Sarah Nosnitsky Maritzer 

Magnifying glass

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Sarah Nosnitsky Maritzer. Maritzer passed away peacefully of congestive heart failure in the Montgomery, Alabama home of her daughter, Gita Maritzer Smith, on Sept. 14, 2008. She was 92.

Sarah Nosnitsky Maritzer worked in the Department of Education as Secretary to the chair from Feb. 27, 1974 until she retired on May 31, 1983. Maritzer was a lover of the arts and the theatre, supporting and promoting Yiddish theatre and language for many years. She also enjoyed collecting original paintings and sculptures to bring home from her vacations. A pacifist and a humanist who loved books immensely, Maritzer was a staunch promoter of Canadian womenís literature.

In her memory, the family hopes her friends will send donations to the Montreal Jewish Public Library or to the Concordia Library. Donations will be used towards the acquisition of archives of Canadian women writers and Yiddish theatereworks.


Concordia University