Call for nominations: Honorary Degrees 

The Honorary Degree and Convocation Committee (HDCC), a joint Board/Senate committee, is seeking nominations for candidates for honorary degrees.

All nominations for honorary degrees are screened by the HDCC and approved by the Board of Governors upon recommendation of Senate.

To be eligible, a nominee must have sufficient stature and recognition to ensure that the awarding of an honorary degree brings credit to Concordia University and to the academic community as a whole and upholds the values that lead to the advancement of learning and to the pursuit of greater knowledge. HDCC will review the nominations to evaluate whether the candidates meet one or more of the following criteria: eminence in a field of activity or profession; outstanding public or community service; significant connection or benefaction to the university.

It should be noted, however, that honorary degrees will not be given to current members of the Board of Governors or their family members nor to current members of the university community and are usually not given to holders of public office.

Before submitting a nomination, please read the Guidelines for the Awarding of Honorary Degrees [PDF] to familiarize yourself with the nomination process, complete and sign the Honorary Degree Nomination Form [PDF] and submit same to:

     Danielle Tessier,
     HDCC Secretary,
     S-GM 801-23

or via email before January 22, 2010.

Submitted by Danielle Tessier, Secretary, Honorary Degree and Convocation Committee.


Concordia University